Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT - 2014

I had the privelage of becoming a member, as well as the Marketing Officer for the PTK Honor Society. I volunteered my creative services for this amazing project.

Masquerade Ball Poster
The poster was created to generate students' and faculty's interest to attend the Masquerade Ball sponsored by the PTK Honor Society. The poster was created in Illustrator.
Masquerade/PSA Poster
This poster focused on a PSA featuring the PTK's topic of discussion, and how wearing masks to disguise our true selves has had an impact on how society perceives others based on their appearances. This poster was created in Illustrator.
Masquerade Ticket
This ticket was created to attend the Masquerade Ball. It was created in InDesign and printed in gold foil stock paper.
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