Universal Printing Services, Inc. for BAYER Corporation, West Haven, CT - 1997 - 2003

During my time with Universal, my concept for creativity increased tremendously. I was a part of most of the major creative campaigns for Bayer Corporation, since it was our biggest client, and it led me to some of my greatest achievements as a designer to date.

SURGE Binder Cover
Cipro Branding
Cipro Folder
Urology Brochure
Urology Inside Brochure
Pharma Poster Book
Oncology Branding
Jr Board Logo
ICAAC Event Front Cover
ICAAC Event Inside
Biologics Report Card Cover
Biologics Report Card Inside
AFUD Folder
Cipro-Avelox Combo PPT Slide
Avelox Logo Branding
Avelox logo
Avelox Packaging design
Viadur Poster Stand
Viadur Front Brochure
Viadur Back Brochure
Viadur Radio Packaging
Marketing Booklet

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