OZZLAND Branding Campaign, Gibbs College, Farmington, CT - 2002

While I attended Gibbs College, I decided to have a little fun with all of my graphic design projects for my last semester there. With the permission of my professors, I was allowed to do a mock-branding campaign for a make-belief amusement themed park based on the singer, Ozzy Osbourne and had the characters of South Park join in the fun as the park's themed mascots. This was a bit challanging to find all the proper components to make this happen, as well as time and energy consuming. All the literature, and text was created, as well as, the logos for the themed park. Although, as you can see, it all came through in the end! And yes, I did get all A's on these projects!! Enjoy!!

Newspaper Ad
Commercial Storyboard
Movie Poster
Rollingstone Magazine Cover

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