MxCC in collaboration with MSAAC, Middletown, CT - 2014

These series of screen shots showcase a college project collaboration between Middlesex Community College and Middlesex County Substance Abuse Action Council. This project was conceived with the idea of building a video game to educate and inform students in middle school and high school of the dangers of alcohol use before the legal age and the consequences it can cause in a young student's life. I was assigned the project manager position for this project. As well as, the script writer, the "extras illustrator", the creator of all the blue-themed transition screens, and layout designer for all game screens. This is a quick preview highlighting the concept design of the game only. This project is at the BETA stages at the present time.

Here's to your Health
Purpose of Game
Lifepath Status
At Kitchen with fridge opened
At Kitchen with friend's text
At Kitchen with Drawer opened
Classroom Teacher
Classroom Quiz
At Work's Rest Area with Co-Worker
At Garage with Uncle
At Comic Con with Friend
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