Coral Crucible

Elena Sanchez, Slideshow, Motion Graphics, Editor, Producer - 2017.

This is a one-of-a-kind slideshow of one of the top photographers for National Geographic. Brian Skerry's photographs of the coral reefs, with a narration by Brian himself.

Olympic Taekwondo Academy

Elena Sanchez, Camera, Director, Producer - 2015

This 60 second reel showcases all the masters' forms and breaking abilities from seven different locations throughout the state of Connecticut. They are all originally from Korea, and have come to start their new lives as teachers, educators, trainers, and coaches. This was shot on location at 60fps to convert over at half speed for the slow motion effect. This was edited in Premier Pro. The motion graphics were created in After Effects.

Beyond Skin Deep

Elena Sanchez, Writer, Director, Producer - 2014

This is a Public Service Announcement featurette for the Phi Theta Kappa Beta Gamma Xi Chapter at Middlesex Community College. Elena Sanchez and its members won two Regional Awards: (1) Elena Sanchez won First Runner Up Fine Arts Award for her work "Beyond Skin Deep", that was part of the Honors in Action project & (2) Beta Gamma Xi Chapter won Three Star Level Award for the New England Chapter Regionals. This was a collaboration which included the MxCC college PTK members, students, faculty and staff. It extended out to the neighboring towns and small business, which also participated in this amazing and memorable project!

Willy Wonka and the Media Mashup - Take it to 11!

Elena Sanchez, Producer, Co-Wrote, & Appeared In - 2015

With the 11th Annual Arts and Media Festival fast approaching the Center for New Media Faculty, Staff and Students decide that this years theme will be "Take it to 11" in this wacky mashup/remix of famous movie scenes. Includes scenes from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski, Star Trek, Gone with the Wind, The Ring, The Shining, Lost, Some Like it Hot, Sesame Street, and Oceans 11.

Air Line State Park Trail - Highlights Along the Way

Elena Sanchez, Concept Design, Motion Graphics, Assistant Editor - 2014

Town by town highlights of things to see and do, both on and off the Air Line State Park Trail, a 50-mile multi-use trail for non-motorized recreation located along an abandoned rail corridor in eastern CT. The trail is open daily year round and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Created graphics in Photoshop, and used After Effects for motion graphics.

Food For Thought - Filmed in TasteOVision

Elena Sanchez, Co-Writer, Co-Director, Producer - 2014

This year's Arts and Media festival parody of the Food Network's show "Chopped" ended the hiatus we've been on: TasteOVision. This is the first "End of the Year Video" to shoot most of the scenes "television style" using up to three cameras at the same time. There's a short introduction at the beginning that explains how TasteOVision works. However, if you want to experience this film in TasteOVision you'll just need seven Jelly Belly - jelly beans with the following flavors in this order: 1. Tangerine  2. Root beer  3. Strawberry Daiquiri  4. Green Apple  5. Buttered Popcorn  6. Cinnamon  7. Dr. Pepper

Virtual Console Breakfast

Elena Sanchez, Motion Graphics - 2014

This project was assigned in the Motion Graphics course at MxCC. This was project was created in After Effects.

D'Addario Nissan

Elena Sanchez, Motion Graphics - 2014

This commercial was assigned as a project in the Motion Graphics course at MxCC. This project was edited in Premier Pro, and the motion graphics created in After Effects.

Social Media Affairs

Elena Sanchez, Co-Writer, Co-Director, Editor, Co-Producer - 2014

This project for the social media course at MxCC stated to: Identify a topic and cross-reference with Social Media Trends at the present time. Edited in Premier Pro, and shot with a Sony Handycam HD.

Chyron Tutorial

Elena Sanchez, Writer, Co-Director, Co-Editor, Co-Producer, Camera - 2013

I volunteered to collaborate with another student to create a tutorial that will facilitate the use of the Chyron Machine, also known as the character generator, or (CG for short). This project would inform prospect students on how to - step by step instructions, to utilize the Chyron for TV and Broadcast Production courses at MxCC.

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